Near Northside

Reinvestment Zone Number Twenty-One, City of Houston, Texas, also known as the Hardy/Near Northside Zone (“Zone”) was created by Ordinance No. 2003-1258 on December 17, 2003, for the purposes of development and redevelopment in an area covering approximately 326.1 acres and generally bounded by Quitman Street on the North, U.S. Highway 59 on the East, Interstate 10 on the South, and Interstate Highway 45 on the West.

The primary focus of the Zone was to address blighted conditions and provide programs to facilitate the development of affordable housing,  mobility improvements and the remediation of a brownfield site. On December 1, 2019, by Ordinance 2019-0994, the Project Plan and Refinancing Plan of the Zone (“Plan”) was Amended to provide for the addition of approximately 1,106.54 acres of land generally bounded by Quitman Street on the south, the Interstate 610 on the north, Interstate 45 on the west, and the Interstate 69 on the east.

Goals stated in the Amended Plan include the design and reconstruction of roadway and streets public utility systems, parks and related recreational facilities, public and cultural facilities, affordable housing, repair and replacement of storm water drainage systems. The Amended Plan, combined collectively with prior Plans, will provide the necessary tools to alleviate blight, deteriorated street and site conditions, and obsolete public services and facilities, conditions that endanger public safety while encouraging sound growth of residential, retail, and commercial development within the Zone.

TIRZ 21 Area Map

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