Upcoming Board Meeting Documents


Calendar Year 2023 Board Meeting Date Infrastructure Committee Parks Committee
JANUARY Wednesday, 25th Friday, 20th
FEBRUARY Break Friday, 17th Friday, 10th
MARCH Wednesday, 22th Friday, 17th
APRIL Break Friday, 21st Friday, 14th
MAY Wednesday, 24th Friday, 19th
JUNE Wednesday, 28th Friday, 16th Friday, 9th
JULY Break Friday, 21st
AUGUST Break Friday, 18th Friday, 11th
SEPTEMBER Wednesday, 27th Friday, 22nd
OCTOBER Wednesday, 25th Friday, 20st Friday, 13th
NOVEMBER Wednesday, 29th Friday, 17th
DECEMBER Break Friday, 15th Friday, 8th
  • Board of Directors meetings typically will be held on the fourth Wednesday of the Month at 9:00 a.m. at 218 Joyce Street, Houston, Texas 77009.
  • Infrastructure Committee meetings typically will be held on the third Friday of the Month at 3:00 p.m., in person at RDLR Architects, 800 Sampson, Street, Unit 104, Houston, Texas 77003.
  • Parks Committee will typically be held both in person on the second Friday of the month at 3:00 via Zoom.